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*Hormone Happy Day registrations begins on December 27, 2021 - Accountability threads open on January 3, 2022*



Are you ready to ditch dieting for good?

Do you want to boost your energy + libido?

Do you crave support + accountability to show up to your goals?

Are you ready to feel confident in how you eat? 

​Do you want to shift your weight (for my gals who want to lose weight or gain it)?

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Introducing: Hormone Happy Days

An exclusive 30 day container to guide you to incorporate the  hormone-balancing nutrition tools I teach inside of Hormone Happy Eats with all of the accountability and support you could dream of!

I used to be the queen of "I'll start Monday" or better yet, "I'll start next month." I had a terrible relationship with nutrition that consisted of shame, frustration, and fad diets. Now, I know that the way I was doing it wasn't sustainable or even hormone-supportive.

When I ditched the idea that I had to be doing all of the hottest wellness trends and following some strict af diet and just focused on being super consistent with eating in a way that supports my gut + hormones, I started to actually enjoy prioritizing my health.

It is my goal to empower people who menstruate with the knowledge of how to fuel their bodies well and feel like their best damn selves👏


Hormone Happy Days Includes:

⭐️ Live training covering action steps + how to implement them
⭐️ Live Q+A session
⭐️ A members-only Facebook group
⭐️ Daily accountability thread

NO fluff, NO forbidden foods, and NO stress.

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Frequently in the DMs

Get hormone happy eats now!
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Hey friend, I'm Calee Shea!

I’m a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and I’ve worked with hundreds of people who menstruate to help them make educated choices about how they take care of their bodies. 

But trust me, I was NOT born with this skillset. In 2015 I was working tirelessly to heal my body after coming off of hormonal birth control. 
I tried every “healing diet” in the book with the goal to figure out *how* to take care of my body through nutrition.

I’ve done keto, paleo, whole30—I couldn’t stick to any of them and felt defeated and exhausted after a week in.
After a lot of trial-and-error, I realized that we’re not actually taught how to properly fuel our bodies.
We’re taught, “how to eat to get skinny quick” or “how to get abs in 3 days”—but that shit isn’t sustainable, doesn’t work long term, and leaves us at war with our plates and our bodies.
So if you’re sick and tired of not feeling empowered by the way you’re fueling your body, you're not alone. In fact, there's so many of us, I knew I HAD TO create Hormone Happy Days...
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