Would you love to feel confident that the daily food choices you make are good for your health…


If that sounds impossible, you’re the reason I created Hormone Happy Eats! 

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All the diet gurus want us to think that THEY have the secret—

It’s hidden in their latest fad diet or hellish detox...and we’ve just gotta suffer through it in order to have:

the health we want
→ the skin we want
→ the body we want
→ β€‹the energy we crave...

But let me guess: you’ve either TRIED it all (and your body said Hell no) or you HAVEN’T tried it (because your intuition said Ohhhh hell no)...

So now what?

How about a simple, sustainable, every-day way to:

βœ” ditch fad diets for good
βœ” stop wondering if you should try This or That way of eating
βœ” have a healthy relationship with food and your body
βœ” support your hormones in a way that makes sense for how you actually live
β€‹βœ” lose the weight, beat the bloat, and eliminate brain fog without restrictive eating
β€‹βœ” understand how your body uses nutrition so you can...



I created Hormone Happy Eats

so that more menstruators could finally stop feeling unsure of their eating habits and start feeling confident...by understanding their bodies more.

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Hormone Happy Eats will take the guesswork out of “what should I eat?” *without* giving you rigid rules or a list of forbidden foods.

You will learn:

⭐️  What should be on your plate in order to keep your hormones balanced all month long
⭐️  Everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t) about how macros fuel your body
⭐️  Exactly how your stress level and lifestyle impacts your hormone health and contributes to your health issues
​⭐️  How to eat exactly what you love without your hormones getting out of whack
​⭐️  What you need to know about each phase of the menstrual cycle

And I’m giving you all this (and more) through quick video lessons and cheat sheets that will allow you to make this transformation both quickly and easily...

NO fluff, NO forbidden foods, and NO anatomy or biochem that you don’t NEED to know.

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To make sure you have everything you need to cut the confusion around food *this week* and start seeing the wins you’re hoping for

Hormone Happy Eats includes:

βœ” 19 downloadable pdfs including grocery lists, gut health tips, a sample weekly meal plan, & more
βœ” support for special diets including plant-based and gut health concerns
βœ” journal prompts & meditations to help you begin to heal your relationship with food
βœ” β€‹a list of more than 30 of my favorite hormone-healthy snacks, desserts, breads, protein bars & other good stuff
β€‹βœ” all of the tools that have supported 400+ other menstruators who have gone through this program!

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Did I mention that you can implement this material today?

Yep. You can literally start implementing the things you learn without having to go to the grocery store and overhaul your whole life right now.

Easy shifts? Check
Lasting habits? Check
Empowered decisions? Check
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Hey friend, I'm Calee Shea!

I’m a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and I’ve worked with hundreds of womxn to help them make educated choices about how they take care of their bodies. 

But trust me, I was NOT born with this skillset. 
In 2015 I was working tirelessly to heal my body after coming off of hormonal birth control. 
I tried every “healing diet” in the book with the goal to figure out *how* to take care of my body through nutrition.

I’ve done keto, paleo, whole30—I couldn’t stick to any of them and felt defeated and exhausted after a week in.
After a lot of trial-and-error, I realized that we’re not actually taught how to properly fuel our bodies.
We’re taught, “how to eat to get skinny quick” or “how to get abs in 3 days”—but that shit isn’t sustainable, doesn’t work long term, and leaves us at war with our plates and our bodies.
So if you’re sick and tired of not feeling empowered by the way you’re fueling your body, you're not alone.
In fact, there's so many of us, I knew I HAD TO create Hormone Happy Eats...
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...going grocery shopping and not having to wonder what you should buy.

...putting those persistent monthly skin concerns in the past.

...no longer feeling shamed by thoughts of what you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat.

...losing the extra weight in a way that feels sustainable and self-loving.

...finally seeing improvement in hormone issues such as low libido, low energy, and mood swings

...thanks to some SIMPLE diet knowledge that fits easily into your lifestyle!

Grab Hormone Happy Eats and start making progress toward your health goals today (without making yourself miserable!...yes, it IS possible!)